Why Choose Zoo Studio?

Why Choose Zoo Studio?

Here are nine great reasons on why you should choose Zoo Studio to capture your beloved pets personality and expression in stunning animal art photography and wall art collections.

Why Choose Zoo?

you want a specialist that truly understands how to capture your pet’s unique personality.

Zoo Studio have specialised exclusively in Animal Art Photography since 2006. We are one of the longest standing photography studios in Australia to do so. We don’t photograph weddings, babies, landscapes or provide general corporate Photography, we just photograph pets and capture the bond between pets and their people.

It is our passion, our soul, our life – every pet deserves to be celebrated and have their story told!


Why Choose Zoo?

you want a specialist that understands how to capture a wide variety of stunning photos

(even if your pet is little shy or totally crazy, or a complete goof ball, or never sits still, or is totally uncontrollable…)

Since 2006 Zoo Studio have photographed over 8,000 fur-kids and this experience has given us a very strong understanding of animal behaviour, animal body language, and how to get the best out of your pet in our studio – in other words, we are all about being ‘Pet Savvy’ – is just as important as being a great photographer with the camera and lights.

We have met so many different personalities in our studio over the years, so no matter how shy, crazy or uncontrollable you think your pet is we have demonstrated time and time again that we can capture stunning photos that you will adore!

Why Choose Zoo?

you want someone that loves their pets as much as you love yours and understands they will always be part of the family.

The team at Zoo Studio all have a lifetime’s worth of experience with loving our pets in the same way as you love yours. Our pets sleep on our bed, go on holiday with us, even share our cup of tea in the morning. They are our world!


“To the best team in the biz, Lorraine, Scott, Cathy & Johnny! What you have done for us and our family will be remembered and treasured forever. Keep doing amazing work!”



Why Choose Zoo?

you want to choose a company who have earned a strong national and international reputation as leaders in their field.

We are very proud of the awards we have won not only for the quality and creativity of our images but for our customer service as well. We have won professional photography awards and some of the biggest International photography competitions in the world. Zoo Studio is the only Australian studio pet photography business to have won the World Branding Awards – Pet Photography – Animalis Edition 2019-2020. This is all due to our amazing and wonderful clients. All of our award winning photos come from our client sessions, either with our portrait clients or our charity partners, and we use them to measure the quality of our work against our peers.

Choosing a multi-award winning photographer with international acclaim gives you the peace of mind that your photographer is technically and artistically at the top of their game.

You can find further information on the awards Zoo Studio have won here.

Why Choose Zoo?

you want an organisation that cares about animal welfare and is actively involved with giving back.

We are passionate about helping animals in need, and have worked with many charities since Zoo Studio was born. We have also launched the Zoo Studio Foundation so we can provide a greater focus on raising funds, using our photographic and business skills, for charities that can’t necessarily do it all for themselves, and to ensure that every cent we raise has the maximum impact in improving the lives of animals in need. After all, many members of our furry family come from rescue charities, and without the right support our loved ones would not be with us today.

Zoo Studio have worked with the RSPCA since 2007, firstly in Perth and now in Queensland. Our first book Tail Tales raised them over $23,000. Other charities we have worked with include S.A.F.E. Perth, Oscars Law, Peiradise (Paradise for Rescued Shar Pei), Animal Welfare League Queensland, Parrot Society of Australia, Bat Rescue and Rehabilitation Queensland, F.A.U.N.A., Little Paws Kitten Rescue, amongst others we do for smaller charities.


“We simply cannot thank you enough for your skills, the experience and the stunning photographic artwork produced by you all. Lorraine made us and our fur babies feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire experience. And… WOW! What can we say about the artistry in our artwork that even begins to do them justice! A wonderful experience and a thoroughly enjoyable journey.”



Why Choose Zoo?

you simply LOVE our style. You can really distinguish the difference in artistry and lighting but also the unique expressions captured.

Lighting is everything in photography, it provides texture, depth and emotion to an image. If you want your photos to feel like you can touch their fur and ruffle their feathers, if you want your photos to feel like your pet is in the room with you about to leap down from the frame, if you want your photos to amaze you every time you look at them in the years ahead, you need a photographer who is a master at his craft.

People often ask how we can capture such an amazing array of expressions and personalities in our sessions. It’s through a mixture of building trust with your pet, understanding their behaviour so we can get them to do those little things they normally only do at home, and photographic technique to ensure that it will look stunning in a photograph on your wall. That’s all part of the Zoo Studio difference.

Why Choose Zoo?

You want the most visually stunning wall art of the highest quality designed specifically for you

All the wall art we craft for our clients is designed with their individual wants and tastes in mind. We design it together. Our variety of products are designed to show off your pet at their best, from modern high tech glossy Aluminium mounts, with which you can count every hair or feather, to classic frames with an artistic twist, to traditional canvas for softness and emotional depth.

All our products are handmade to order, and come with a lifetime guarantee.


“This was our third return session and as usual we are delighted wiht our photographs of our precious pugs! We have wonderful memories of Poppy and Sophie who are no longer with us as well as Puddin’, Sadie and Flossie, our new babies who will be with us for hopefully many many years to come. Our art work is stunning and the whole experience was amazing all over again!”

November 2019


Why Choose Zoo?

you want your experience in the studio to be fun and enjoyable

The photography session is all about creating an environment in which your pet can thrive and you both have fun to recreate the moments you want to remember. Our studio is purpose built for pets to ensure we can capture those moments, whether it is your pup playing ball and jumping excitedly, your cat sleeping at the foot of your bed, or your furry friend snuggled on your lap or by your feet.

Your studio session is more than just taking photos, it’s a celebration of a life, whether it is a kitten with their life to live, or an older dog with their life to remember.

Why Choose Zoo?

you want financial flexibility with your artwork investment

Everyones’s budget is different and because we are an established, professionally run photography studio we can offer flexible payment plans and wall art collections to suit most budgets.


Love What You See?

Zoo Studio have specialised in Animal Art Photography since 2006. It is our passion, our soul our joy and we believe that every pet deserves to have their own story told. CHAT WITH US TODAY CALL 07 3870 0903

Love your Fur-Kids to pieces?

Just like us we know you love your fur-kids to the moon and back. We understand the importance of sharing that love with the world; their quirky personalities, adorable expressions, cheeky nature or naughty habits!


Create Your Own Unique Artwork

As leaders in our niche we are magicians at capturing the beauty and personality of your pets in photographic art that you will be proud to hang on your wall.


Treasure Their Personality forever

To truly capture your pet’s personality takes great insight and an intuitive ability to create a connection with your pet - It’s all about being pet-savvy and that is what Zoo Studio is all about. We speak Dog and Cat!


Let’s Bring a Smile to Your Face

Other the many years we have specialised in Animal Art Photography Zoo Studio have created hundreds possible thousands of life long memories for our clients.