Praise & Reviews

Praise & Reviews

We love creating animal art photography, but we love hearing how much our customers adore it even more. We’ve been capturing animal expressions since 2008, so have a look through our archive.


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2010 Praise & Reviews

“Thank you so much Zoo Studio.”

Lauren & Vivien with Frankie and Lewis October 2010

Why oh why didn’t we do this sooner?  Right from our first telephone contact with Beck we knew that this would be a great experience.  Beck took the time to chat and get to know us well ahead of our session which really put us at ease and helped us to understand what to expect on the day.

Lewis must live a secret double life as a lazy, goofy bulldog by day and supermodel by night because he learned very quickly how to strike some amazing poses and really seemed to be having fun!  Frank, on the other hand, was a little cautious of the camera which created a slight challenge but Ken’s calm manner and patient professionalism was amazing to witness.  He managed to bring out the adorable expressions and cheeky behaviours of both boys and capture them in such beautiful pieces of art which are a pleasure to own.

You can tell that Beck and Ken are die hard animal lovers so you know that your furry babies are in excellent hands!  I now find myself hovering in the hallway staring at our impressions panel with a cheesy grin on my face every time I pass.  You could almost reach into the photograph and squeeze their squishy little faces!  The only problem with the entire process was trying to decide which photos not to take home… we wanted them all.

“Ken truly has a natural ability to make the dog and the owner relax.”

Paul & Danielle with Stevie & Garry Paul

I first came in contact with Zoo Studio on Faceboook and instantly fell in love with their work. After looking through picture after picture I gave them a call to see if I could get some kind of advertising material so that I could recommend them to our clients as we run Brisbane’s busiest dog training venue and thought everyone should know about these talented people.

We decided to book our two Cavaliers in for a shoot. WOW! From the moment we walked into the viewing room for a chat I was impressed, we immediately felt at ease and couldn’t wait for the photo session.We could see past clients work on the walls. It was all very inspirational. Great shots, genius framing ideas and brilliant artistry. The photos at the viewing were fantastic! It was very hard to pick a handful as every shot was brilliant. Everyone who comes to our house cannot help but have a look through our beautiful collection. Ken truly has a natural ability to make the dog and the owner relax. He didn’t approach the dog, he let them come to him in their own time. He has great skill keeping the dogs calm at the same time as getting them to show character and even get the cheeky little looks I thought I could only get from my dogs. This is a skill on its own, how he gets the photos he gets at the same time amazes me!

“I just love my photos, thanks”

 Amy with Takoda September 2010

Thank you so much Bec and Ken for my beautiful photos of Takoda I can’t wait to pick up the most beautiful photos in the world, I have got the wall space picked out already. It was great meeting Beautiful Sophie and Bollo at the viewing they are such wonderful dogs :-)

“I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone”

Angie with Oscar, Bailey,Isabelle & Sasha September 2010

My experience with Zoo studios was very professional, but personal and kind at the same time. I was a bit worried about having my big cat Oscar in the studios as I knew he would be very scared and I was really concerned we might not get any good shots of him. Ken was extremely patient and soft spoken and although Oscar did not love the experience, Ken was able to get some greats shots of him and even him and Bailey together. Its all very well being a photographer with the correct camera and lighting but to do animals photography you have to be an animal person with loads of understanding and patience and that was what Ken totally had. I also liked the fact that we were able to see the photos and choose them so soon and it was a great experience to work with Bec who guided us through the process so easily and there was no time pressure. All in all I really thought Zoo Studios was a fantastic company to work with. I show off the photo’s of my cats to everyone who comes into my consult room! I was really happy with all the photos too and especially happy that we were able to get some of both dogs and both cats together really made it special. Everyone has also commented on us with the dogs, it is really a good photo of all of us if I may say so myself.

“Images I can treasure for the rest of my life.”

Catherine with Minty and Tyson September 2010

I came across a beautiful display for Zoo Studio while I was buying my cat supplies & thought, I would love a photo like that of my 2 cats. I made contact, booked an appointment, transferred the fee, received an information pack, which all ran smoothly making the process exciting. You know the feeling you have when you are waiting for something nice to happen, that was how I was feeling.

The day came for Minty & Tyson’s photo shoot. A new environment for them to explore which Ken gave them time to adapt & then took the many photos. At the viewing of these photos, I was amazed at how they had turned out.  Ken worked with Tyson, understanding his moods & timing to capture the same pose as Minty but in the opposite direction. This too was at my request so I could symmetrically hang them on the wall. Everyone I have showed the photos too cannot believe it is an actual live photo & say it must be a fake.This in itself expresses & concludes Ken’s ability with his work & the magic, as a team with Beck, in producing great art.  I am in awe & so very grateful that I have these beautiful photos of my pets.

“Everything we hoped for”

Leanne and Justin with Holly August 2010

From my first phone conversation with Beck, I knew I had made the right decision to choose Zoo Studio to photograph my golden retriever, Holly.  Beck was professional and friendly, and I could tell she had a genuine love of animals. Leading up to Holly’s session, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning!  When we arrived at the studio, Ken was wonderful with Holly, and it was easy to see he had a natural connection with animals.  He took the time to get to know her, made sure she was comfortable with the studio and the equipment, and was extremely patient when she wouldn’t sit still for more than one photo at a time!

The photos themselves are absolutely beautiful and everything I had hoped for. Ken has totally captured Holly’s personality and Beck was wonderful throughout the viewing in helping us select photos to include in our wall art composition.  They are genuinely lovely people who make the whole experience an absolute pleasure.  I have recommended Zoo Studio to many of my friends and would encourage anyone who is considering having their pet professionally photographed to also choose Zoo Studio!

“Thanks Ken and Bec”

Katina with Morley August 2010

Our family’s experience with the Zoo Studio team has definitely been one to remember. From the studio session with our little Morley to the selection of photos left us with a very lasting impression of these two wonderful artists, Ken and Bec who clearly love animals and have a strong passion for their work. Ken and Morley connected instantly, which was comforting for my partner and I. The photo shoot was enjoyed immensely by all. Morley in particular enjoyed play time with Ken during the breaks, Ken’s little birdie whistle and of course those yummy liver treats. We were incredibly happy with the finished product and will treasure the beautiful works of art forever. Zoo Studio was a very memorable experience that we highly recommend to all!

“Thank you they really are dog-gone fantastic!”

Wil & Robbie with Fletcher and Olive August 2010

Beck and Ken – you amazing wonderful people!  Thank you so very much for our fantastic photos of Fletcher and Olive. We can’t tell you how happy we are with the photos, the way they came out on the canvas and prints and your service as a whole. Obviously we are slightly biased about the subject matter of the photos, but everyone who comes to our house agrees that the photos are amazing, adorable and nail Fletcher and Olive to a tee.

What I love about you guys, is you really ‘get’ how important pets are in a family. You understand what its like to have four legged best friends and you don’t think that’s dorky at all. Thank you so much for the photos of our two adorable pooches, for all the pats and treats you gave them and for our out-of-this-world fantastic photos. We would (and will!) absolutely recommend you to all our other pet loving friends.

“They took the time to make my elderly dog comfortable, relaxed and happy in the studio before any ‘shot’s were actually taken”

Kerri and her dogs Clarry & Miss Sugar Plum July 2010

Zoo studio go above and beyond to establish a relationship with both the client and the animal being photographed. They took the time to make my elderly dog comfortable, relaxed and happy in the studio before any ‘shot’s were actually taken. And what magnificent shots they were. I was so pleased, I also took my younger pooch to be photographed on a different occasion. Once again, Ken and Bec took all effort to ensure Miss Sugar was happy before commencing work. Their work is outstanding, and their relationship with their clients is to be commended.

“Wow is one word that comes to mind when looking at the photos”

Leanne with her two dogs Kody and Munroe July 2010

‘Wow’ is one word that comes to mind when looking at the photos taken by Ken.  He was able to capture the individual personalities of our boys.  He has this connection with the animals and they just respond to him really well.

When I went for my preview I couldn’t believe how well the photos came up, I’m glad they have tissues on the table! Beck helped me work through the photos and made many suggestions until we had the best combination.

Thank you Ken & Beck for an awesome experience and some wonderful memories of our boys to keep forever.

“Love love love your work!”

Lauren and her cat Indigo and Guinea Pigs Dexter and Larz July 2010

I’ve had nothing but a great experience with Zoo Studio. Beck and Ken have been friendly and helpful right from the word go. It’s not hard to see how much they love animals which has massive bonus points with me :)

The prints I ordered were more than I could have asked for. Ken has captured my boys perfectly! And Beck is extremely helpful with the hard process of which prints to choose (wish I could have bought all of them).

My cat Ingido is a very shy boy & I was worried that I wouldn’t get any decent shots, but Ken did it. He doesn’t pressure the animals and let’s them get settled and comfortable. To get a cat & two guinea pigs to look at the camera at the same time? GENIUS :)

“Thank you so much for the beautiful memories I will forever have of my Diesel dog.”

Naomi and her dog Diesel June 2010

When I originally saw Zoo Studio’s photography work I thought to myself, this is what I want, this is the most beautiful way to remember your companion after he is gone. I was so amazed at the images Ken managed to capture of Diesel. And the different looks Diesel would make when Ken made a certain noise to get his attention. Diesel was so comfortable working with Ken, it was a great experience to be there and participating.

It was so difficult when it came to viewing the photos as there were so many amazing photos to choose from. Beck was a great help and understood what I wanted. Then there were so many different options, different sizes, different borders, canvas, port folio photo box. But I managed to make a final decision with Beck’s help.

When I picked up Diesel’s photos from Zoo Studio I was amazed at how well the photo’s turned out, Ken’s work was amazing, Diesel’s photo’s were beautiful, all of his different colouring was captured, in some photo’s he looks like a playful puppy thanks to Ken’s photography.

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Ken & Beck from Zoo Studio. Thank you so much for the beautiful memories I will forever have of my Diesel dog. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who has a special friend they would like to remember.

“Thank you to Zoo Studio”

Nicola, Pam, Smudge, Letti, Alvin & Charli :) June 2010

Beck and Ken were nothing more than helpful, accommodating and most of all professional with our experience with Zoo Studios. Our pets Alvin the Alexandrine Parrot, Smudge & Letti the Maltese girls and Charli the Kelpie x had the most comfortable and amazing photo shoot, I couldn’t have imagined the day to go anymore smoothly and perfect than it did! Ken did a really great job making sure they were all calm and relaxed and took some absolutely stunning shots!

We finally chose our favourites, and let me tell you with all those pets there was a long viewing session to be had, thanks to Beck for being patient with the big decisions!

Our experience with Zoo Studio was fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone with pets, and I do so on every occasion I get!

“Your photos are brilliant”

Lara and her dogs Mia and Coco June 2010

We were first introduced to Zoo Studio at the 2010 RSPCA Million Paws Walk. We were instantly drawn to the photos of black dogs taken with a black background, especially as our poodle Mia is all black, and our boxer Coco has a black face. We got talking to Beck, and found out that she and Ken also love boxers, and seem to have a love of animals in general. We made our booking the very next day.

When we arrived for our sitting, were unsure of what to expect, from our girls that is. Mia is a fairly relaxed girl, whilst Coco is either ON or OFF, nothing in between!  From the moment we met Ken, we knew that the photos would capture the spirit of our girls – he actually took the time to get to know them and what they respond to. As a result Coco’s photos are quirky and fun, which are totally reflective of her personality. Mia’s photos are elegant and dreamy, which is also spot on.

We absolutely love the photos. We now have 3 aluminium mounts, and 2 boxes of photos, and we could not be happier. We have since had 2 of the single photos framed, so we are surrounded by photos which make us feel happy. We cannot recommend this experience enough. Both Beck and Ken were really accommodating, and seemed to be genuinely great people. We could not have had a more positive experience. Keep up the outstanding work, Beck and Ken.

“A BIG thank you to Beck and Ken”

Ella and Oskar May 2010

I first came across Zoo Studio after visiting the Gold Coast Pet Expo and picking up a brochure. There were several other pet photo studios there, but only one stood out! My first impression of Zoo Studio was, WOW, these guys are really professional. I was just amazed at how they had put so much effort into their product.

Dealing with Zoo Studio was an absolute delight. The photo shoot went off without a hitch, something I was super nervous about. Being a typical dachshund, Oskar loves to be heard. I was afraid that we’d never get him to stop barking, let alone take a photo! But once again all my expectations were surpassed. Ken’s ability to just relax and have a calm demeanour about him allowed for Osky to feel relaxed too. Subsequently he took a series of absolutely wonderful, amazing looking photos. Ken managed to capture Osky’s “look” perfectly.

The photos came out better than anything I could have imagined and consequently I had to ensure that the “Art” was displayed in my home accordingly. Once again exceeding all expectations you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw how magnificent our images came out, truly spectacular, I can see all his little whiskers! I will have these pictures in my home forever, a constant reminder of how much I love and cherish my dog. Oh and not to mention how lovely it was to deal with Beck during the viewing and pick-up process.

It was such an amazing experience to deal with people who truly love animals and know how to deliver a first-class product. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Zoo Studio to anyone. In fact, I already have to my friends. Cannot wait until the new puppy arrives and for his photos to be taken by Ken.

“Thanks for making it enjoyable!”

Megan, Lucy and Lola April 2010

From the first conversation with Bec and Ken, to the dealings I continue to have with them for Pug Meetup, they have been 100% professional, but also down-to-earth, funny, and very helpful. I took my 2 pugs, Lucy and Lola, for their photo shoot at Zoo Studio, not really knowing what to expect. But we were made to feel very welcome and at ease.

Ken used toys and treats to keep our 2 rascally pugs’ attention, and he managed to capture some beautiful photos of them. He also listened to our ideas and incoorporated them into the shoot. This resulted in a beautiful photo of our family, which we chose to print onto canvas.

The whole process was very easy and enjoyable and I would certainly recommend them to any one of my friends. I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future.

“Thanks for the fantastic experience!”

Karman and Kato April 2010

Beck and Ken, thank you for the fantastic experience of having Kato’s photo taken at Zoo Studio. From the initial booking, to the photo shoot, to picking up the final photos, the experience was fantastic and highly professional.

The range of photos that Ken was able to capture was very impressive given Kato’s insistence on being difficult during the photo shoot. Ken had the ability to capture truly natural photos of Kato, and there was a diverse range of final photos for us to select from. I purchased this as a birthday present for my partner and I know that this will be forever known as a very unique and special gift.

Beck: thank you for the time you took to walk us through the photo options during the viewing session and explaining the differences between the photo mediums and the benefits of each. We really appreciated that you understood this was a special and significant purchase and took the time with us to create some really special photos. I would have no problem recommending Zoo Studio to family and friends, as we have been delighted with the photo experience and the final product.

“Thanks for making it fun!”

Lily and Mouse March 2010

Right from my first contact with Zoo Studio, Beck was friendly, helpful and professional. Organising appointments was easy and stress-free, and I was soon set up for a photo shoot with Ken and my 3 1/2 year old stumpy-tailed cattle dog, Mouse.

Working as a dog trainer, I see many people inadvertently stressing or intimidating dogs, simply by approaching the wrong way or giving off the wrong body language. Ken did none of this! He met us outside the studio, ensuring Mouse was comfortable and happy to meet him, before moving inside and slowly introducing her to the equipment used for the shoot. He kept the shoot fun by using treats, toys and sounds to get my girl posing like the Princess she thinks she is.

The only difficulty I had in my experience with Zoo Studio was narrowing down the photos to a reasonable number to have printed! There were so many fantastic shots – the pictures were not just photos, but most definitely artworks. Thanks so much, Beck & Ken. I’ll definitely be back with my other dog soon!

“Thanks a million!”

Vivienne, Narelle and Shadow March 2010

Our experience with Zoo Studio has been wonderful. From our very first contact with Beck when we phoned to arrange a time for the session, we felt like we were treated like friends! Our morning with Ken getting Shadow’s photos taken was such fun. Ken plied Shadow with treats and she posed and primped herself for the camera! Ken is a magician with his camera and his affinity with animals is amazing.

We are delighted with the photos Ken took. Shadow works as a therapy dog in a psychiatric ward and her patients and the staff love the photo that Beck and Ken donated to the ward. They are such generous people and not only did they take some gorgeous photos of our special dog, they have become one of her sponsors, donating a selection of beautiful prints to us. We now have photos of Shadow that show her personality – Ken has captured her beautifully. Our favourite photo is so real it  looks like Shadow is saying “come on, are we going?”!

“Thank you so much!”

Jana and Jeddah March 2010

My experience with Zoo Studio has been absolutely wonderful and has completely exceeded my expectations. As soon as Jeddah and I arrived at the Studio we felt welcomed and we both really enjoyed the whole experience. It soon became apparent that Ken not only knows animals but that he also understands animals, which is very important to me. I think Jeddah really enjoyed being the centre of attention. Ken made her feel special, which resulted in some wonderful photos of her.

When it came to viewing Jeddah’s photos, I was ecstatic with the quality and individuality of the photos. I consider my photos a true work of art and have shown them to many of my friends. I was particularly impressed with Beck’s plan for viewing the photos and my choice of the gloss print on aluminium option. It looks stunning in my home.  The ‘viewing’ room was very comfortable and I felt like I was attending the premier of a special event, which it was.

Jeddah is my precious girl, and for Zoo Studio to capture all her different looks and moods so well is absolutely amazing. Beck’s and Ken’s genuine love of animals shines through and delivers exceptional photos. The Zoo Studio experience was highly professional, imaginative and fun, and I will treasure the photos for the rest of my life.

“amazing day, an amazing experience and an amazing set of pictures of my very best friends”

Lou with her dog Flynn and her cat Alexie February 2010

From the very first second I arrived at Zoo Studio I was impressed. Whether it was the welcoming nature or friendliness of Beck and Ken, the professional studio, or the fact that my dog and cat were already having such an amazing time… I couldn’t decide. My usually nervous cat was purring in Beck’s lap, while my usually hyperactive spaniel was calmly taking morsels of liver treats from Ken’s hands. We all had an amazing and fun time, and I was very sad to leave.

Coming back to choose photos was practically torture as there were just so many to choose from! They were all very beautiful and there were even some black and white options!  I received those pictures, both prints and canvases, today. I am speechless. They are oh so beautiful, professional and a timeless memory.

Thank you Beck and Ken for an amazing day, an amazing experience and an amazing set of pictures of my very best friends :-)

“images that will melt your heart”

Rosslyn and her two dogs Poppy and Winni February 2010

We never thought anyone could get Poppy still enough to capture the perfect image.  Nor did we think anyone could be expert enough to photograph both dogs, Winnie & Poppy, together, but Ken did!  He has the most amazing patience, which, coupled with his genuine love of animals, results in images that will melt your heart.

Luckily for us, Beck is used to dealing with Ken’s brilliance and helped us narrow down our choices to five keepers.  I’m not sure how many we would have ended up with, or how long it would have taken, without Beck’s expect eye!

“I have no hesitation in recommending Zoo Studio to other pet-lovers”

Kelly and her dog Sharla February 2010

My experience with Zoo Studio was great!  Sharla isn’t comfortable with strangers, and particularly men, so I wasn’t expecting it to go well at all. But Ken talked her round – albeit with the assistance of several treats, which she’s always a sucker for! – and had her primped and posing after only about 15 minutes.  I was very pleasantly surprised!

The photos turned out brilliantly, and I had a very hard time narrowing them down to the handful that I ended up choosing.  I am so happy with all of them and am very impressed with the way that both you and Ken handled things – from Sharla on the day of her glamour photo shoot (as I refer to it!) and assisting me with choosing the photos that I ended up with.  Thank you!

I have no hesitation in recommending Zoo Studio to other pet-lovers – and even have done so already.  It’s a fantastic way to capture the life and character of your pet, and I’m sure I’ll be appreciating the photos for many years to come. (Actually, I probably spend too much time looking at one of those 10 x 15 cms on my desk at work, thinking how well it turned out!) Thank you soooo much for all of the work that you and Ken put in to making it a great experience – and I have the brilliant photos to prove it!

“It was a wonderful experience having you take studio photos of Shadow, and we have left feeling more like your friends than your clients.”

Dave, Tish and their dog Shadow February 2010

Dear Bec and Ken, firstly, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for the photos you have taken of our little man Shadow – we absolutely love them!!! :-D The choice of canvas looks fantastic in our house!

Ken, you have a unique gift being able to make not only animals, but their owners, feel welcomed and relaxed. You made the most of every moment, every mood, and every opportunity that Shadow gave you during the shoot. We all had a fun morning and left full of smiles and anticipation for the photos that were to come!

I must be honest, we had very high expectations of Zoo Studios. But nothing could have prepared us for the moment Beck revealed the photos to us. Here was our little man with every expression, every quirk, every look we know him for, captured as a moment in time forever. It was a truly moving experience. After much deliberation (and some expert help from Beck!) the finished product can only be described as exquisite, unique art. We couldn’t be happier!!

It was a wonderful experience having you take studio photos of Shadow, and we have left feeling more like your friends than your clients. In a moment they [pets] can be gone, but these photos will last a lifetime.


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