Companies We Recommend

Companies We Recommend

Zoo Studio works with a multitude of local animal lovers.
We would love to see you get involved with the local businesses we work closely with.

Urban Dog Training

Dog Training Services

Urban Dog Training specialises in pet dog and puppy training. They help you to achieve a confident, happy and well behaved dog using proven reward based training techniques. They offer group training classes and private consultations, or a combination of both. We think Urban Dog Training are fantastic.

Nose 2 Tail

Pet Grooming Services

Nose 2 Tail Pet Care, focus on using, recommending and stocking products that are safe for you, your pets and the environment. They will not compromise on this and continue to improve their range regularly. They offer a number of services including dog clipping and grooming, eco friendly, natural & organic dog & cat accessories and supplies, mobile hydrobathing, dog walking and an online store. They are based in Westlake and Oxley and also stock natural alternatives to flea and tick treatments, heart wormers and intestinal wormers at great prices. Come in and see how you can make a difference for your pet today!

Nat & Darcy

Chiropractic Services for People and Pets

Nat & Darcy is an exclusive boutique for people and their furry friends. To help their joint and muscle pains just like us! Physical therapy has the potential to help dogs and cats with back, shoulder and hip problems; relieve arthritic pain; and rehabilitation after an injury or operation.

Family Dog Fun and Training

Dog Training Services

Family Dog focus on meeting the needs of pet dogs and their owners with functional training that you can apply to every-day living with your dog.  They are Pet Dog Training Specialists! Julie Rodger’s worked as a Veterinary Nurse for many years which introduced her first-hand to the incredible bond that people share with their dogs, and also gave her an insight into the fact that MANY people have at least ONE BEHAVIOUR that they would like to change in their dog… often, there are a few more!  This led her to a special interest in animal behaviour, and in 2007, she established a dog training company that specialised in Pet Dog Training, Family Dog Fun & Training.


Doggy Daycare Services

Their job is to keep your dog busy both mentally and physically through doggy daycare, so while you are at work, you are not worrying about them.  Wagtails employ Dog Trainers, Vet Nurses & Dog enthusiasts who are skilled in areas of body language and canine behaviour to ensure your dog gets the most out of daycare. Your dog will enjoy two daily walks per day, a choice of two large play areas, daily activities including general good manners, obstacle training, retrieval, socialisation, and meet other well behaved canine friends.

The Pet Talk People

Pet Publication/Information Service

Where do you go and who do you turn to for the latest and most reliable info about caring for your pets? ‘The PET TALK people! They are mobilised & online 24/7 with a bite sized version of the original ‘Pet Talk Radio’ – the weekly radio show which entertained and informed pet lovers across the nation on more than 50 stations from late 2002 until 2008. It now back with a new name and a shorter, sharper format more suited to time-poor pet owners who can choose to listen to our podcasts or watch our YouTube videos whenever and where-ever they like.

The Hound Hutt

Doggy Daycare Services & Grooming

Brisbane’s ultimate small dog doggy daycare services in the Stafford area. They offer a variety of services include doggy daycare, doggy education and doggy grooming.

Aussie Cat Enclosures

Cat and Pet outdoor enclosures

Aussie Cat Enclosures provides a safe and luxurious “outdoor” home and/or play area for indoor cats. After breeding cats for numerous years and studying their habits, the owners of Aussie Cat Enclosures decided to build enclosures for the purpose of keeping cats safe from other cats, dogs and motor vehicles. As well as the protection of our wildlife. With many cats being completely indoor cats, the Aussie Cat Enclosure system has allowed much loved indoor cats (including Zoo Studio’s cats) to enjoy the outdoors in perfect safety. Aussie cat enclosures are a Queensland based business and we think they are awesome. Their customer service and attention to detail is outstanding!

HeARTs Speak

Animal Fundraising Service

A compelling photograph can reach into the heart of a potential adopter, and bring an animal one step closer to a long-life outside of a shelter. HeARTs Speak is an international organization founded in the USA which promotes animal adoption by connecting artists with shelters and animal relief organizations worldwide. Through the services of it’s professional photographer members volunteering their time, HeARTs Speaks hopes to increase the number of animals adopted and reduce the numbers that are euthanizedand ultimately, to save and better the lives of animals and people.  Zoo Studio are proud to be a professional service member for HeARTs Speak.

Paws and Relax

Doggy Daycare, Grooming and Training

Paws & Relax, love seeing happy, smiling dogs socialising together.  Playbows are a lovely way for one dog to let the other one know they are just wanting to play, hence why their little guy ‘Paws & Relax Max’ is bowing in their logo. They offer three key services for you to participate in, off leash doggy daycare, training and grooming, all operating on the same philosophies of a humane, low stress and positive environment.  Everyone involved in our centre are committed to rewarding and reinforcing the right or desired behaviours so we can build a mutually respectful relationship between them and your dog.

Poppins Pet Sitters

Pet Sitting Services

Poppins Pet Sitters – Veterinary Nurses personalising care for ALL pets! From dogs and cats to horses and reptiles… Poppins Pet-Sitters are here to care, walk, feed and medicate all your pets from Bryon Bay to Brisbane. All Poppins Pet-Sitters are all Veterinary Nurses, hold an up-to-date Police Check Certificate and are fully insured providing a reliable, fun and professional experience for your pets. So now you can go away relaxed, knowing your pets are in the BEST of care – receiving photo updates of your fur-babies while you’re away! Poppins Pet-Sitters will personalise ANY requirement

Love What You See?

Zoo Studio have specialised in Animal Art Photography since 2006. It is our passion, our soul our joy and we believe that every pet deserves to have their own story told. CHAT WITH US TODAY CALL 07 3870 0903

Love your Fur-Kids to pieces?

Just like us we know you love your fur-kids to the moon and back. We understand the importance of sharing that love with the world; their quirky personalities, adorable expressions, cheeky nature or naughty habits!


Create Your Own Unique Artwork

As leaders in our niche we are magicians at capturing the beauty and personality of your pets in photographic art that you will be proud to hang on your wall.


Treasure Their Personality forever

To truly capture your pet’s personality takes great insight and an intuitive ability to create a connection with your pet - It’s all about being pet-savvy and that is what Zoo Studio is all about. We speak Dog and Cat!


Let’s Bring a Smile to Your Face

Other the many years we have specialised in Animal Art Photography Zoo Studio have created hundreds possible thousands of life long memories for our clients.