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Client Session Sneak Peeks

resting Bull Terrier

Sneak Peeks of Bullet and Winnie

Both Bullet and Winnie, Brindle Bull Terriers, love cuddles, love children, and love to play.   Bullet is especially partial to a game of fetch!   And it looks like Winnie is full of ‘the joy of life’ with that gorgeous big smile on her face.  

Sibling Golden Retrievers

Sneak Peeks of Dexter and Molly

Dexter and Molly are both Golden Retrievers, with Dexter being the stunning darker hue.  Little sister Molly likes to rule the roost which you’d never guess from those sweet and appealing eyes.  Dexter is the more chilled out of the two … but both LOVE to play!

Foxi snuggles

Sneak Peeks of Maggie

Playful and inquisitive Maggie has mum and dad wrapped around her little paws.  Who could resist that “excuse me” head tilt and well-mannered beg?  And couldn’t you just snuggle in with her in that throw?  


Sneak Peeks of Nike, Coco & Lulu

Nike, Coco & Lulu are gorgeous Great Danes.  Nike is an elegant, calm and relaxed 8 year old, who is the father of both Coco & Lulu.  Coco is a 5 year old who has been know to be crazy and has such a beautiful face.  Lulu is a 3 year old who loves her…

Best pals

Sneak Peeks of Spencer and Brick

There’s only one thing that Spencer loves more than balls, balls, and more balls and that’s his best pal, Brick.  Laid back Brick, the gentle giant Dogue De Bordeaux, is always up for a cuddle.


Sneak Peeks of Lily

Sweet little Lily, a Mini Daschund will have you melting into those huge brown eyes, which also light up the minute she see her ball!  She adores – and is very much adored by – her family.

dog chewing on bone

Sneak Peek of Ramsey

Ramsey is just one big bundle of playful joy.  He’s the apple – or ball? – of his parents’ eyes.  And Ramsey doesn’t mind lots of play with his squeaky toys and loves a good old chomp on a bone!


Sneak Peek of Bindy and Bruno

Stunning Staffies, Bindy and Bruno definitely have that “awww” factor!  Bindy is a bit of a tomboy – give her mud before dry ground any day.  And Bruno, a Valentine’s Day gift, has mum wrapped around his little paw.


Sneak Peek of Rub & Naboo

Ruby and Naboo are both gorgeous Abyssisians.  Ruby is 6 yo and is a laid back princess, she is friendly and loves attention.  Naboo is 10 yo and is a cuddly boy who is easy going.


Sneak Peak of Bobo

Bobo is a friendly 12 year old Mini Poodle.  He loves cheese & Pizza, is a lazy boy and loves his cuddles.