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Sneak Peeks of Kermie

There is only one way you can sum up Kermie – He’s a big cuddle bunny! Kermie is a beautiful black Labrador who is 4yo. He has a wonderfully calm and friendly nature and he will go up to people and say hello and give puppy kisses and cuddles and happily give his paw to…


Sneak Peeks of Reg and Ziggy

Reg and Ziggy are just a couple of fun loving guys who are the apples of their Mums’ eyes! Reg is a 14yo red Dachshund and Ziggy is a 2yo white Maltese Terrier cross. Reg has been a Zoo Studio superstar previously and he is beautiful in nature but full of cheek and he knows…


Sneak Peeks of Sultan

There is magic in the air with this beautiful boy named Sultan who is a 1yo black German Shepherd. Mum always wanted a black GSD and when her and her partner finally decided to get a dog, he was the one! When they went to see a litter, there were only two boys and Sultan…


Sneak Peeks of Buddy

Buddy is just that – his Mum’s best buddy! He is an adorable 9yo black and tan Kelpie cross Cattle Dog and he came into the family when he was 18 months of age when he was surrendered by his previous owner and Mum had seen him up for adoption and was happily able to…


Sneak Peeks of Brenda

Beautiful Brenda here is an almost 1yo black and white Border Collie and she got her name, as her Mum says, that it all started with her ex who called their previous dog, Margret. He came from a small town where if you wound the window down in the car and yelled, “Hey Margret!”, half…


Sneak Peeks of Star

Sensational Star is a 2yo black and white Greyhound and she has only just joined the family two months ago when she had been surrendered from a race trainer after coming in last in her one and only greyhound race. Whilst Star is still getting used to life in a family, she is genuinely sweet…


Sneak Peeks of Billy

This adorable young man is Billy and he is a 1yo light caramel and cream Cavoodle. He is the apple of his Mum and Dad’s eyes and is ridiculously cute and loving and he has fitted in to the family as if he was always there! The time was finally right for Mum and Dad…


Sneak Peeks of Satinka

Sweet Satinka is a 9 month old blue and cream Tabby domestic short haired cat and she came into the family when her Mum saw her up for adoption on a rescue page and she knew she had to have her! Satinka made herself at home straight away and settled in with her canine fur-siblings,…


Sneak Peeks of Poppy

Princess Poppy is a 2yo blue tortie domestic short haired cat and she came into her Mum’s life when she came into rescue with her four beautiful kittens. Not much was known about Poppy and she was aged by the vets as being between 12-18 months old. As she focused on her four ‘kids’, she…


Sneak Peeks of Mia

Gorgeous Mia is a 10 month old ruby coloured Cavoodle and her Mum describes this little princess as ‘The Best Puppy Ever!’ Mum has grown up having rescue dogs all of her life and wanted to have a puppy to connect and bond with from a young age. After some searching, Mum and Dad found…