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Client Session Sneak Peeks

soulful golden retriever

Sneak Peeks of Bodhi

We challenge you to look into gentle Bodhi’s soulful eyes and not fall in love with him.  Impossible!!  Bhodi loves carrying around his soft toys, especially Lamb Chomp the sheep.    He’s a real smoocher and with that face, suspect the smooches are well rewarded?   You are a beautiful boy, Bodhi!    

booty shake wheaten terrier

Sneak Peeks of Hera and Ares

These stunning Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier siblings adore each other …. almost as much as they are adored by ‘mum and dad’.    Hera’s leap of joy is indicative of her love of agility, and Ares sure can shake his booty at the thought of his next fly ball outing.  These Wheatens sure sweeten your day!…

dapple daschund

Sneak Peeks of Biccy

Biccy ….. as in a biscuit ….. shadows his human mum to the extent that she sometimes finds him not only under foot, but underSKIRT!  15 year ago, adopted for being the craziest and most energetic in the litter, it looks like Biccy still has a lot of the “puppy at heart” in him. You…

Leaping mini Schnauzer

Sneak Peeks of Kaiser

Kaiser’s mum and dad have confided that he thinks he’s human ….. as that “come here and give me a big hug” paws up confirms!  He’s also been known to be a bit of an attention seeker.  With that model-like towel pose and “come play with me and my squeaky toy” invitation?  Surely not!   Kaiser,…

ball crazy miniature poodle

Sneak Peeks of Chica

Small in stature, but BIG in character – that’s sweet little Chica.  Doesn’t “awwww” just escape your lips when you look at her teddy bear face?   Full of beans when it comes to ball time ensures a well-deserved snuggle in her favourite bed afterwards.  

soulful labrador boxer cross

Sneak Peeks of Archie and Angus

No points for guessing which of these handsome gents is nicknamed Panda – just look at Archie’s sweet panda eyes!  Younger – though a tad larger! – brother, Angus, thinks he’s a lap dog at times,  but never says no to a good workout with his favourite squeaky toys.    Archie and Angus – The A…

show dog Miniature Schnauzers

Sneak Peeks of Bianca and Arcadia

It’s easy to see why Miniature Schnauzers Bianca (check out those long eyelashes!) and Arcadia have been show dogs in the past – what a couple of gorgeous gals!    And those regal stances and stunning beards suggest they are used to being in the limelight ……. they’ve certainly captured the light in their human mum’s…

cat on pink blanket

Sneak Peeks of Kyla

Affectionate Kyla is 16yo going on 5, just as she looks.  Kyla even has her own special spot on the couch with her pawsonalised paw print blanket – what a lucky girl!  Kayla is lovely natured, a great companion, and entertains her human family with her expressive looks.  

ball in mouth bull arab X

Sneak Peek of Boots

Boots, the aptly named young Bull Arab X, is a bundle of energy.  His cute ears get almost as excited as he does when it comes time to play ball.  I think Boots might be asking “Aren’t I just so big and handsome and glossy?”

yoga Staffy

Sneak Peek of Winston

Winston smiles at the mere sight of his beloved tennis balls …… “let me at ‘em!”.   Winston’s other love is his human mum – they are best friends and go everywhere together.   And what a happy chappy he is; that smile just makes you smile right back at him!