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Sneak Peeks of Gucci

Gorgeous Gucci is a 9yo tri-coloured Rough Collie and she came into her mum’s life as a young pup and has been her Mum’s ‘baby’ from day one! She competes in agility and also in the show ring. Gucci is a beautiful looking young lady who has the most engaging nature and personality you could…


Sneak Peeks of Harley and Chevy

Let’s welcome these two adorable guys in Harley and Chevy. Harley is a 3yo Kelpie cross Cattle Dog and Chevy is a 10yo blue and black Australian Cattle Dog cross. Chevy is a previous Zoo Studio superstar and is a loyal and calm older boy but this time around he wanted to give Harley a…


Sneak Peeks of Scooter, Tinker Bell and Princeton

This gorgeous trio consists of Scooter, Tinker Bell and Princeton and they are their Mum’s babies and the lights of her life! Scooter is a 2yo black and white domestic short haired cat, Tinker Bell is a 5 month old Persian cat and Princeton is a 9 week old Golden Retriever puppy. Scooter is definitely…


Sneak Peeks of Billie and Croc

Let’s say hello to beautiful duo, Billie and Croc! Billie is a 9yo black and tan German Shepherd cross and Croc is a 2yo red and tan short-haired Border Collie. Billie is a relaxed and loving soul who came to her Mum almost unexpectedly as her Mum had been looking for a dog and while…


Sneak Peeks of Affie and Chino

These two precious little guys are brothers, Affie and Chino. They are both 3yo and are caramel and white Maltese Terrier cross Shih Tzus. Affie and Chino came into their Mum’s life when she first moved into her new home. She had grown up with dogs and couldn’t imagine living without one so adopted these…


Sneak Peeks of Jasper

Beautiful Jasper is a 3yo Burmese cat and he came into his Mum’s life as a kitten where it was love at first sight! Jasper and his Mum are the easiest of companions and fit together perfectly! He is a complete sweetheart but also does have more than a little adventure in his soul and…


Sneak Peeks of Moose

Sweet Moose is a 15yo white West Highland Terrier who came into his Mum’s life as an unexpected but much loved Christmas gift! Mum says that it was definitely love at first sight! Moose got his name due to one of his character traits where his Mum says that he can be ‘as stubborn as…


Sneak Peeks of Memphis

Magnificent Memphis is a 5yo black Belgian Shepherd and he joined the family as a 7 week old puppy where he has been completely adored and happily spoilt from the beginning! He is completely beautiful to look at and VERY photogenic as we can see! Memphis still has quite a few of his very playful…


Sneak Peeks of Marley and Max

These two adorable youngsters are Marley and Max. Both are blue, brindle and white Staffordshire Bull Terriers with Marley being 3yo and Max being 7 months of age. Marley joined the family as a puppy after her Mum had lost her old Staffy and had found that there was too big a hole in her…


Sneak Peeks of Jessie and Major

Dad describes this brother-sister duo of Jessie and Major as his ‘rocks’ and he could not imagine life without them. Jessie is a 6yo red Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Major is a 6yo red and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Jessie is the quieter natured of the pair and at times can be a little shy…