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Client Session Sneak Peeks


Sneak Peeks of Scally

Beautiful Scally here could be known as a bit of a ‘Scally-wag’ as she just loves to wag her tail a lot! She is just one happy go lucky girl! Scally is a 6yo tan Staffordshire Bull Terrier and she is a sweet bundle of love who loves to receive lots of puppy cuddles. At…


Sneak Peeks of Willow and Ralphie

It’s Husky time with gorgeous duo, Willow and Ralphie. Willow is 4yo, long haired, black and white with grey on her and she has different coloured eyes, blue and brown. Ralphie is 3yo and he is pure white with striking blue eyes. Willow is a very independent young lady and very happy to be on…


Sneak Peeks of Orlando and Vladimir

How adorable are these two? Orlando and Vladimir are a couple of Poodle crosses who just love life and each other’s company. Light brown, Orlando, is 15yo and his younger, dark fur-sibling, Vladimir, is 10yo. Orlando has often been described as an ‘attention seeker’ and wants everyone in the room to pat him and adorn…


Sneak Peeks of Bruce and Coco

Say hello to dynamic duo, Bruce and Coco. Bruce is an 8yo Golden Labrador and Coco is only 11 weeks old and is a dark brown Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross Cavoodle. Bruce is a very easygoing, fun loving, carefree and playful boy who is chilled and loves spending time with his Mum and Dad.…


Sneak Peeks of Lucy

As we launch into a brand new year in 2020, we would like to introduce this lovely lady named Lucy! She is an adorable 10yo Boxer who is just a lovable ‘goof ball’ according to Mum and Dad! Lol Lucy is their class clown and is not really much of a player of toys but…


Sneak Peeks of Jazz

Nothing can beat the sound of a bit of Jazz to liven things up and especially with this beautiful 3yo red and brown Border Collie named Jazz! He came into his Mum’s life as a young, vibrant, effervescent 8 week old puppy and he has always been by his Mum’s side! Jazz has a real…


Sneak Peeks of Donut and Laurence

These two adorable cutiepies are Donut and Laurence and they are the sweetest little guinea pigs you could imagine! Their human sibling is a volunteer at one of the guinea pig shelters and she saw them together. They were already bonded and loved being together so she brought both of them home and said, “Mum,…


Sneak Peeks of Luger

Gorgeous Luger is a 9yo Rottweiler but he could be mistaken for a beautiful big teddy bear! With such a big smile on his face it is easy to see how sweet and lovable this boy is. He is a funloving and loyal young man who absolutely adores his family along with his favourite pink…


Sneak Peeks of Mocha

We all love our daily dose of Mocha and this Mocha is certainly no exception! Mocha is an almost 9yo chocolate Labrador and is the apple of her Mum’s eye. As a young puppy, Mum always said that she was always mischievous and would quite often steal the washing off the clothes line and would…


Sneak Peeks of Bella and Maisy

Sweet Bella and Maisy are a couple of loving and playful Golden Retrievers. Bella is 11yo and her younger fur-sister, Maisy, is 6yo. Bella joined the family as an 8 week old puppy when her Mum and Dad came across her by pure chance when they weren’t even looking for a pup at the time…