About Zoo Studio

About Zoo Studio

Zoo Studio is more than just a job to us, it is a passion and a way of life. I would love to introduce ourselves and our wonderful team, how we came to be where we are, and who we work most closely with. Please do read on!




At Zoo Studio, we realise that professional Pet Photography is about so much more than just taking pictures. We understand what it means to have furry and feathered family members, our pets are our family too.

We are just like you in this regard; our pets sleep on our beds, they share our meals, we plan our holidays to spend more time with them, they are our children. And while we understand that you are looking for beautiful imagery, we also understand that you are looking for so much more from your Pet Photography.

“We are all pet lovers at Zoo Studio, just like you.”

You are looking for a company that understands the strength of the emotional bond you have, that understands the things they do that make you laugh or cry, and who can capture their stories in beautiful photographs that you will be proud to hang on your walls.

You are looking for someone who will understand your pet, whether they are an outgoing puppy, a shy rescue or a frail oldie, someone who will help them settle into the studio and capture them in the way you want to remember them forever.

So if you want your Pet Photographers to be renowned for their ability to be a dog whisperer, to be the most awarded pet portrait photographer working in Australia today, to be proud supporters of animal rescue and welfare charities, you have come to the right place.

Please take your time looking at our website, and if you have any questions please do get in touch.





Ken is the director and Master Photographer at Zoo Studio, and he is the proud Dad of two dogs, several cats and a clutch of chickens. Ken has been recognised for his beautiful animal portraiture all over the world, has been published on at least three continents and has won major international photography competitions. He is passionate about animals, being a keen advocate for animal welfare in all its guises and a proud supporter of animal welfare charities.

“Ken knew exactly how and what to capture and was so great working with the dogs. Very professional and welcoming, he made both us and most importantly our dogs feel comfortable in the studio, more than enough to capture them the best way possible. Ken is exceptional”

 Stacey with her dogs Archer and Brinni
November 2013

When Ken isn’t photographing animals, he is either spending time with his own furred and feathered family, reading up on animal behaviour and welfare issues, or gazing fondly at the many wildlife animals near his house and wondering what on earth they could be thinking, and how he would photograph them.

With Ken as your photographer, you and your pets couldnt be in better hands.





Johnny English is our Graphic Artist, ensuring that the final artwork you receive is as close to perfect as humanly possible and that you are delighted with the way the final products look.

He tonally balances each photo by hand, making sure they are not stray bits of drool or treats to ruin the final effect! Johnny especially loves working on photos of animals, he grew up in a pet loving home, has had many beautiful pet rats that he clicker trained, and now he has cats he and his wife have also managed to clicker train them too!

You will often meet Johnny when you first see your final art pieces, he loves seeing people’s responses to the finished works.



Beck Drake is not just an animal person, Beck is also a fantastic people person.

She brings to Zoo Studio the brilliant connections we have with our clients and our Facebook fans, she fully understands how our clients and friends relate to their fur kids, and she makes sure that our clients get exactly what they are looking for from our photography.

Coming from a long line of keen artists, Beck’s passion is for ensuring our clients all get beautiful wall art designed with their tastes and furnishings in mind, and that the connection our clients have with their pets is fully captured. She also puts up with Ken after work too. You will meet Beck during your Design Consultation.



Lorraine Charlecrafte is one of the first person you will talk to when you book in for your photography experience with Zoo Studio. As Studio Manager, Lorraine is usually the first person to discover and listen to all your stories of devotion, loyalty, adventure, adoration, personality and most of all, love of your fur baby family.

Lorraine is also a pet photographer, but started her career in the corporate world as an Accountant. She also has extensive experience in Travel Management and Interior Design. She grew up in a pet household, often referred to as ‘the Zoo,’ with dogs, cats, kittens, puppies, pet mice, pet rabbits, birds and of course all the strays she would bring home. Her Dad was her biggest pet influence. He trained Police and Army dogs and showed Lorraine just how much the valuable love of fur babies can change our lives. Lorraine is the proud Mumma of two Alaskan Malamutes, Miss Maya and Master Blaze. 

“Ken is a master of his craft, and combined with the talents of Beck, John and Jackie to produce the finished product, he was able to take what we had shared with him about our dog ‘Rizzo’ and bring out the character, wisdom, and very essence of her 14 years as our, much loved, companion.”

Nicole & Gabby with their dog Rizzo
April 2013


alison clarke

Alison Clark is affectionately known as the “Zoo Keeper”, which encompasses a raft of duties, and is usually the cheery voice at the end of the phone when you call our office. Alison has an extensive background in the corporate world in Office Management and working as an Executive Assistant. However, she has finally found her dream job, working as part of a small professional team who are like-minded and enthusiastic ……. oh, and who are equally dotty about “all things animal”.

Having first been a client before joining Zoo Studio as a team member, Alison is fully aware of just how special the Zoo Studio experience is.

The icing on being the Zoo Keeper’s cake is that Alison can bring her rescue Border Collie, Billie, to work with her too!



Our Lady Pug, Miss Charlotte Drake, is often found in the office. She thinks she is Director of Cuteness and who are we to argue?



Our Rotti cross, Mr Bollo Drake isn’t seen often in the office, but his vital role is in ensuring his people are properly looked after (kisses and cuddles) when they get home.

We would also like to recognise the vital work that Willy, Christian, Lucy, Clarence, Lambert, Lil, Ivy, Petunia, Mertle, Ned, Smash, Tahlula, Sa, Penny, Dash and Shiloh do as parts of our extended team. Oh and Skye and Wayne too :-)




We understand that these days there are many pet photographers you could chose from. We think you need a photographer who goes beyond just taking beautiful images, you need a pet photographer to not only capture the looks of your pet, but also their spirit and soul.

“At Zoo Studio, whilst our camera is focused on your pets, our hearts are focused on providing the most beautiful animal portraiture, the best customer service and the best experience for you and your pets, and also to enable people to see what wonderful and magical characters the pets that surround us are, that each one has their own unique personality, and how much richer our lives are for having them live with us.”

Ken Drake
Director & MASTER Photographer

We see our job as being to make sure that when you are looking back on your artwork in many years to come, the memories they invoke of those waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge are vivid and eternal.




“I started Zoo Studio in 2006 in Perth after I began to get snowed under by requests from people to photograph their pets. I had been photographing my own for some time, and had become fascinated by the way the camera could capture their very spirit. I was soon also photographing for family and friends, it has all grown from there.

During those early days I was photographing for VetWest, who had a chain of seven vet clinics dotted all over Perth, during each of their puppy training nights I was photographing tiny puppies in my mini studio and selling the portraits to their proud Mums and Dads. I didn’t make much money, but 18 months and 1728 puppies later I had learned a thing or two about photographing puppies, and had grown the studio portrait side of the business to the extent that I had to give up the puppy pre-school photography.

“I have only ever truly loved photographing animals,
so that is all that we do at Zoo Studio.”

I have only ever truly loved photographing animals, so that is all that we do at Zoo Studio. You want me to photograph your wedding? I’m sorry, I’m not interested, I’m not that sort of photographer. Photograph your children? I’m sorry, there are other photographers more qualified for that than me.

In 2009, my wife Beck and I decided we were going to move to Brisbane, so thats what we did. We still miss the Perth people and those sunsets (you have to see them, they are spectacular and beautiful) but we are loving our new life on the edge of Brisbane. Since the move, Beck decided that I was having way too much fun, so she joined in. Beck immediately added her sense of what our clients want, both from the photographs and the display products. She understood that our clients want their babies with them forever, and that beautiful wall art of them is a great way of achieveing that. She just gets how people feel about their pets, because she feels that way too. Since Beck joined me, things have really taken off for Zoo Studio.

There are many achievements of which I am proud, achieving my status as Associate of the AIPP, receiving my first Gold award, winning the WPPI Grand Prize for Portraiture, but our biggest achievements of which I am most proud are our first book, Tail Tales, which raised over $25,000 for RSPCA Queensland, and our brand new Zoo Studio Foundation. Through the foundation, we aim to change even more animals lives for the better.

We have a lot of exciting plans for the future, but who knows exactly what it will bring. We hope you stay in touch and find out, with us at Zoo Studio.”

Ken Drake
Director & master Photographer





Friendship makes the world go around and we love our friends!
We have many friends at Zoo Studio, but our two ‘besties’ are:



When we moved to Queensland, the first organisation we contacted (literally the first, Beck was calling them from the Nullabor Desert!) was the RSPCA. We love all that they stand for. We love the fact that they save thousands of dogs and cats each and every year. We love that that figure keeps going up every year. We love the fact that they save thousands of Wildlife each year and we especially love the fact that they work closely with so many other local animal welfare charities to help even more animals. What isn’t there to love?


Greencross Vets

Greencross vets pro­vide access for pet own­ers to a net­work of well-equipped Vet­eri­nary Prac­tices run by expert Vet­eri­nary Teams across Queens­land, NSW and Victoria. Over the last five years, I have met and photographed hundreds of their vets and vet nurses, their board, and their managing director. They are as Passionate about Pets as we are.

Our babies go to see Josh, Sarah and the team at Greencross Jindalee, we wouldn’t trust anyone else.

Do you want to be a friend of Zoo Studio?
Please do contact us and let us know how we can help.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes


Companies We Recommend

Along with our besties above, Zoo Studio works with a multitude of local animal lovers.
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Zoo Studio have specialised in Animal Art Photography since 2006. It is our passion, our soul our joy and we believe that every pet deserves to have their own story told. CHAT WITH US TODAY CALL 07 3870 0903

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Just like us we know you love your fur-kids to the moon and back. We understand the importance of sharing that love with the world; their quirky personalities, adorable expressions, cheeky nature or naughty habits!


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As leaders in our niche we are magicians at capturing the beauty and personality of your pets in photographic art that you will be proud to hang on your wall.


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To truly capture your pet’s personality takes great insight and an intuitive ability to create a connection with your pet - It’s all about being pet-savvy and that is what Zoo Studio is all about. We speak Dog and Cat!


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Other the many years we have specialised in Animal Art Photography Zoo Studio have created hundreds possible thousands of life long memories for our clients.