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Sneak Peeks of Scooter, Tinker Bell and Princeton

This gorgeous trio consists of Scooter, Tinker Bell and Princeton and they are their Mum’s babies and the lights of her life! Scooter is a 2yo black and white domestic short haired cat, Tinker Bell is a 5 month old Persian cat and Princeton is a 9 week old Golden Retriever puppy. Scooter is definitely his Mum’s independent boy and he came into her rehoming program as a 5 week old kitten. After some issues with his front legs after being born partially paralysed, he has shown an amazing determination and after 18 months of perseverance and a wonderful zest for life, he has recovered well enough now and is now the most beautiful, determined, confident and softest little boy with the gentlest of souls you could ever meet. Tinker Bell is Mum’s beautiful Persian and her name was inspired by the character from Peter Pan and while she looks absolutely gorgeous and innocent, she has absolute sass behind her. She came into Mum’s place of work and Mum fell head over heels and it was simply meant to be! She is definitely a princess and an absolute Daddy’s girl even though Mum is the one who spoils her! She never misbehaves around Dad but doesn’t mind being bold around Mum! Tinker Bell has been use to being Mum’s little Instagram model from day one but is a lot less easy to impress than Scooter. Baby Princeton is a real sweetheart and is so incredibly eager to learn as much as he can and Mum just cannot imagine life without him now. He is so loving and he has the most adorable, dopey puppy nature! He loves to frolic in the garden and leaves are a wonderful distraction for him and his ultimate love in life! He loves Scooter and Tinker Bell and they have been very persistent in earning their acceptance and he will run around the house trying to lick them in the face! What a sweet and loving boy you are Princeton! Scooter, Tinker Bell and Princeton, you are such a beautiful fur-family and we had so much fun with you all!

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