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Sneak Peeks of Roxy

Gorgeous Roxy is a 15yo Toy Poodle cross Maltese Terrier and she came into her Mum’s life when her previous family were moving overseas for 12-18 months and they needed someone to care for her while they were gone. They had advised Mum they were returning early and at the time had arranged to pick Roxy up but they didn’t show up! Six months had gone by and they made contact again and after everything, Mum decided that they weren’t getting Roxy back! Roxy has become the most loving and special girl imaginable to her Mum. Whilst shy at first, but once she overcomes this, Roxy is a total sweetheart and loves nothing more than to be loved – which of course she is every day of her life now! Roxy is now totally blind but this does not deter her as she LOVES her toys and even in her older years, she adores having a little bit of play time. She also knows when it is walk time and when Mum picks up her lead, she gets really excited for the adventure that lays ahead! She wants to bite at her lead to get going too which is very cute! Roxy has been by her Mum’s side now for over 14 years and the two of them share a beautiful bond, are extremely connected and know each other so very well!

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