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Sneak Peeks of Poppy and Jasper

This adorable fur-sibling duo are Poppy and Jasper. Poppy is a 7yo golden Labrador and Jasper is a 5yo light red Kelpie cross. Poppy joined the family as a young puppy when they felt it was time to add another fur kid. Her future Mum didn’t know at the time that her Mum had chosen and bought Poppy so she was completely surprised to come home to a new puppy in the family! Poppy is full of fun and can be quite the cheeky young lady when she wants to be but this only adds to her charm! She loves to have her family involved in her fun and will often ‘pinch’ something she isn’t supposed to have, show whoever she wants to play with and then she will run off! You can almost see her laughing as she runs off! Poppy also LOVES water and will often be seen flicking water out of her bowl all over the place! She has a carefree attitude to life and this shows in how she plays and how she loves to be around other people. Jasper joined the family as a rescue pup when Mum was drawn to him on the internet. The family had been thinking of another dog and had seen a few but none were the right fit for them. Mum was quite persistent and they went to meet him, happily finding that he was indeed perfect for them. Jasper is very different to his carefree sister but is also ‘the most loving boy ever.’ When Jasper and Poppy had their first meet and greet, the stars aligned and they got along beautifully from day one. Jasper adores his family and his ‘fur-sister’, Poppy, and wants nothing more in the world than to be loved. Jasper also LOVES to play and is known as the ‘toy destroyer’ of the family! He will get his toys and play with them until they can be played with no more! Poppy and Jasper, you are both totally stunning and so much fun to be around!

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