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Sneak Peeks of Kermie

There is only one way you can sum up Kermie – He’s a big cuddle bunny! Kermie is a beautiful black Labrador who is 4yo. He has a wonderfully calm and friendly nature and he will go up to people and say hello and give puppy kisses and cuddles and happily give his paw to shake. He LOVES his toys and he always brings his toys to his Mum so she will play with him with his toys. His favourite toy at the moment is Elephant! Kermie also adores plastic soft drink bottles – if there is one with the top on, he will chew the top off and then chew the neck off the bottle! He will hold the bottle with his front paws, like hands holding on to the bottle. He loves his food and his favourite place to sleep is on the bed! Kermie also goes to Uni with his Mum and he helps calm the students who are very anxious about their exams. He has helped them get marks of distinction. Even those students who don’t want to go over and pat Kermie, would look up at him and feel more calm. Kermie, you are such a gorgeous young man and we thank you for all the puppy kisses and cuddles you gave us!

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