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Sneak Peeks of Buddy

Buddy is just that – his Mum’s best buddy! He is an adorable 9yo black and tan Kelpie cross Cattle Dog and he came into the family when he was 18 months of age when he was surrendered by his previous owner and Mum had seen him up for adoption and was happily able to adopt this young man who has fitted in with her life and family perfectly! Buddy is an energetic, sometimes hyperactive bundle of fun and happiness. Mum adores his beautiful, loyal personality which never fails to entertain her! He is super friendly and he just wants to love and be loved. Buddy will meet you and in his mind, you will instantly be his mate! Buddy LOVES to play and he is ‘ball obsessed.’ He also loves his toys but does eventually destroy them with his energetic play and chewing. He isn’t fussy though and if there are no balls or toys around, he will quite happily find some palm tree fronds and have an amazing time destroying these! Buddy is also very focused when he wants to be and one of the funny things is when Mum takes him to Petbarn and he just stares at the ‘toy wall’ hoping that Mum will buy him something! He has been a huge comfort to his Mum and is the happiest and most stable companion she could ask for and he is completely adored! Buddy, you are such a gorgeous young man and an absolute superstar!

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