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Sneak Peeks of Snowflake and Lilly

Here we have adorable Snowflake who is a 10yo Lilac Point Ragdoll cat and beautiful Lilly who is a 16 week old Red Classic Tabby cross White Norwegian Forest cat. Snowflake is the ruler of the ‘kingdom’ and is a true princess who makes you work for any sign of affection – unless you are her Dad as Mum says she is a complete ‘Daddy’s girl!’  She loves to play and teasers with feathers are her favourite and even feathers on their own are a hit with her. Snowflake has regular visits from her ‘boyfriend’, Toby, who lives nearby and he will go up to Snowflake’s window and ‘dance’ in front of her causing her to go nuts for him! Toby will sometimes come inside for visits which is so much fun for Snowflake. Lilly just joined the family recently and is a complete joy! Her two new feline sisters, Hermione and Chanel, quickly welcomed this new little addition and all three play together all the time and just love each other! Lilly is a cuddly and sweet natured little girl who is happiest with her humans and loves cuddling up to her Mum and Dad. This cutiepie also loves blankets and of course playing! Teasers and wands are some of her favourites. Snowflake and Lilly, you are both totally gorgeous!

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