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Sneak Peeks of Smudge

Sweet Smudge is a 1yo white and black Toy Poodle cross Shih Tzu and she came into her Mums’ lives last year as a very young pup when after several years without pets, it was time for them to add this very special girl to their family. When they first met Smudge, she came straight up to them and cuddled them and they said that there was no way they were leaving without her! Awwwww!!! Smudge adores her Mums and sticks to them ‘like glue’ and gives them the most beautiful expressions with her big, black as coal eyes which are surrounded by the most amazing eyelashes! Smudge’s Mums describe her as enigmatic, appealing and a real ‘heart melter’ and she has filled their home and their hearts with her own special brand of love and they can’t imagine life without her. She also loves to play and her favourite toys are her soft Moose and a soccer ball which is probably bigger than what she is! Smudge is also a smart little cookie and has learnt lots of tricks already! She can High-5 for treats where she uses both paws and you can almost see the ‘thought bubbles’ with Smudge when she is thinking or working something out which is completely adorable. Most of all though, Smudge loves to be picked up and cuddled and her favourite place to be is anywhere with her loving Mums! Smudge, you certainly are a little cuddle-bug!

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