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Sneak Peeks of Erebus and Iris

Playful kitties, Erebus and Iris, are both amazingly affectionate and just adore their Mum and other people too! Erebus is a 4 month old black domestic short hair cat with green eyes and Iris is a 3 month old bi-colour Sphinx cat. Erebus came into his Mum’s life by chance when she was shopping and decided to pop into a RSPCA Pop Up shop where this little guy was waiting for a forever home. Although she was awaiting the arrival of Iris at the time, she fell completely in love with this little guy and had to bring him home that day! Erebus loves to play and he loves to tear around the house and play as rough as he can with his toys and with his Mum! He is a complete Mummy’s boy and he loves to greet his Mum affectionately when she gets home from work by trying to climb up her legs! Erebus has a funny little swagger too which his Mum calls his ‘attitude’ walk! Iris came into her Mum’s life after she decided it was time to have a kitten she had always wanted. She adored the Sphinx cats for years and she loved their unique appearance and how regal and stunning they are. When Iris arrived into her arms in the last week of May, it was ‘love at first sight!’ Iris is a little reserved and Mum describes her as a ‘little lady’ who is super affectionate and gentle with her playing. Erebus and Iris, you are definitely very adorable indeed!

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