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Sneak Peeks of Chet

Sensational Chet is a 4yo white and grey Irish Wolfhound cross Staghound who is a ‘tripaw’ (three-legged) boy. He came into his Mum’s life when she was working in a vet clinic in Darwin where Chet had been surrendered to. His Mum bonded so strongly with him at the time that she couldn’t give him up and he is now living the best life by the beach with an amazing Mum and Dad. Chet is described as ‘an old man in a dog’s body’ and is a very cruisy boy. He is a funny character who adores his squeak toys and loves a cuddle but ONLY when he is in the mood! Lol  Chet also has a favourite spot on the couch too and if he beats his Mum and Dad to it, they can’t move him! He is an independent soul who is very content and relaxed in life. Chet is appealing to most people mainly because of his unusual looks – he is mostly white with grey patches and incredibly clear, blue eyes, one of which has a grey wedge. He is a friendly guy who quite often goes to work with his Mum at the vet clinic. Chet, you are certainly personality plus and so full of charisma!

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