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Sneak Peeks of Ice and Sunny

Dynamic duo, Ice and Sunny are a couple of gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terriers who absolutely adore their family. Ice is a 10yo red Staffy while Sunny is a 3yo brindle Staffy. Ice is a bit more aloof than his little ‘sister’ and he can be fairly mischievous. When Mum wants him to come inside and he refuses, he waits for her to go upstairs and then starts barking at the door to be let in! You’re such a cheeky boy, Ice! He is quieter in nature compared with Sunny, but everyone is lovable in Ice’s world as he has always been unable to pick up on any aggression signals from other dogs as he always thinks everyone is lovely! Sunny joined the family when Mum came across her when her previous owner was unable to care for her. Sunny is just as her name suggests; a real ray of sunshine! She is a happy, playful and social young lady who loves everyone she meets and is joyful in nature. Ice and Sunny, you are both a total delight and simply stunning!

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