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Sneak Peeks of Fintán and Quinlan

There can be nothing better than a couple of beautiful Kelpies to brighten up your day! Fintán, or Finny as he is often called, is an 18 month old red Kelpie with a white chest and Quinlan is a 1 year old black and white Kelpie cross Collie. Fintán is described by her Mum as ‘her very special boy’ and because of his history of a near drowning when he was a young puppy, Mum and Dad named this young man Fintán which means ‘Survivor of the Great Flood.’ He has grown into a cheeky young man who adores playing and spending time being around his family, especially when they are having cuddles! He is kind and playful and certainly a true little survivor! Fintán is completely irresistible when he puts himself between his Mum and Dad showing how much he adores his family and wants to be close to them. He totally loves his family more than anything and this shows every day. He loves to play ‘Catch me if you can’ and also having play wrestles with Dad and the boys. Fintán also loves to follow his younger sister, Quinlan, around. Quinlan is the fearless tomboy of the family and came along last year as a companion to Fintán and the family. Quinlan was also given a Gaelic name meaning ‘Gracious and Strong’, which suits her personality perfectly. She is a funny girl who can be a complete princess one minute giving you total attitude and the next she will be stalking and playing around! Quinlan is fearless and adores water and it is pretty normal for her to be bounding around and then jumping straight into the pond! She is also a true herder and will often try to round up Fintán when they are out playing in the yard. Quinlan is also a complete ‘Daddy’s girl’ and her favourite place to curl up is right at her Dad’s feet! These two give their family so much joy and happiness and truly are the best of friends like ‘Two Peas in a Pod.’

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