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Sneak Peeks of Bobby

Beautiful Bobby is a 6yo Maltese cross Yorkshire Terrier and is white with a light tan patch on one ear! He came into the family when he was adopted by his Mum after she had lost her older dog in January 2018 and had missed the companionship of having a pet. A friend came across little Bobby who was in desperate need of a home and Mum had a meet and greet with Bobby and he didn’t leave her side again! The stars aligned for these two as they both share the same birthday so it was definitely meant to be! Bobby and his Mum share a beautiful and loving relationship and he has been a constant comfort to her. Although Bobby is independent by nature, he is incredibly loving and sensitive. He has a funny little trait of licking you on the leg which is quite adorable! Bobby does possess a bark on him and is a great little alarm system which is a help around the house for Mum. Her daughter loves the fact that he is the little protector of the home now and understands why her Mum is a softy with this special little guy! Bobby is a brilliant companion for his Mum with everything that he is as he is not needy but just happy to be nearby and be that loving, comforting presence in her life. Bobby, you are such a gorgeous young man and totally adorable!

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