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Sneak Peeks of Coco

Precious Coco popped into his Mum’s life several years ago after his previous Mum became too unwell to care for him. The call went out on Facebook for someone to adopt him and when his Mum saw him, she fell in love with Coco immediately! Although much younger back then, he is now 16yo and is a Seal Bi-Coloured Ragdoll. He now enjoys a life of luxury and love and has landed on all four paws with his Mum! Coco is super chilled and although he sleeps a lot now, he still has bursts of energy and will sometimes swat some toys around and have a good play. He is a little aloof (like most cats) and will take up his own space for a while but, more often than not, he will follow Mum around to see what is happening in their world. Even in his senior years, Coco has an obsession with water! If he hears the shower running, he will race into the bathroom to get into the shower! Such a water baby, Coco! He is a sweet and loving companion to his Mum who adores having this guy with her and that she can give him the very best years of his life remaining. Coco, you are simply stunning and such a sweet kitty!


  1. Sarah on 17/06/2019 at 6:27 PM

    thanks so much for these beautiful photos of my gorgeous boy. I completely forgot to ask but is there any way of getting an electronic copy of one of the photos that wasn’t on the sneak peak? I thought it would be at least asking!!!!

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