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Sneak Peeks of Maverick and Cub

Let us introduce you to adorable little Maverick and beautiful Cub! Maverick is a 6.5yo White West Highland Terrier and Cub is a 12yo Chocolate Labrador. Maverick is Mum’s ‘little fur child’ and is so incredibly important to her. He came into her life as a young puppy, at 10 weeks of age, and it was love at first sight! Maverick settled in quickly with his Mum and he adores her completely! He is always connected to her and they have a beautiful way of communicating together – Maverick has a funny little sound he makes when he wants to let Mum know what he wants and she always gets it and understands him! He is also adorably determined at times when he is trying to get his point across and he looks deep into your eyes almost telepathically and concentrates really hard. Maverick loves to ensure that he keeps his routine and of a morning lovingly wakes his Mum up to go for his walk! He adores going on his walks day and night and is always up for an outing with his Mum! He is also a bit of a ‘café pup’ too and loves to go out meeting new people and being the cool guy around town! Maverick is also very playful and loves his toys but his favourite being his ‘hippo’ toy! Dad got Cub when he was 8 weeks of age and he chose him as he looked ‘awkward and gangly!’ He has always been adventurous and is more than a little docile but like all Labs, he loves his food! Cub is friendly, affectionate and gentle to play with but he does love a good tug-of-war session though! He has stunning yellow eyes and he almost talks to you! Cub is special and he is one of the best trained dogs but he has basically trained himself! He is so clever he will even put his head down on command! Cub just likes to please and is very smart. Maverick and Cub, you are certainly two gorgeous furbuddies!

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