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Sneak Peeks of Mya, Bailey and Callie

Please say hello to terrific trio Mya, Bailey and Callie! Mya is a 10yo Kelpie cross Staffy, Bailey is a 4yo apricot coloured Miniature Poodle and Callie is a 15 month old liver spotted Dalmatian. Mya holds a very special place in her Mum’s heart as her first dog of her own as an adult. She always wanted a dog as a companion so therefore Miss Mya was adopted as a young puppy! She caught her Mum’s eye immediately due to her unusual but beautiful colouring and how she seemed to be happy and settled around new people. Mya has all of the beautiful traits of both Kelpie and Staffy breeds and is often ‘on patrol’ around the property ensuring all is well with her family pack. Miss Mya is also very much a ‘comfort queen’ and loves cuddling blankets and pillows. Her lovely and loyal nature is very special and unique to her and her Mum adores her beautiful presence and sweet, loving looks. Bailey came to the family as a 6 week old puppy and while very bonded to his Mum, is at heart his Dad’s boy! While being a loving, little guy, Mum describes Bailey as ‘the nutcase of the group’ as he has so much energy to burn. He loves his squeaky toys and is ball obsessed but just don’t ask him to bring anything back as he will not fetch! Lol  Bailey is a complete, independent little character who is happy and friendly and is a loving and fun part of the family! Gorgeous Callie joined the family a little over a year ago when Mum felt the need to have a Dalmatian – a breed she always loved. Callie is a beautiful young lady who is calm and measured. She has a special relationship with the family – each different but all equally loving and important. Callie has her puppy times when she loves to play and be silly – she has moments of ‘complete craziness’ and then become a couch potato just waiting to recharge her batteries so she can get back up and running again! She is happy-go-lucky and a total joy to be around. Mya, Bailey and Callie, you are unique and special in so many ways!

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