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Sneak Peeks of Honey

There can be nothing more sweeter than a beautiful Golden Labrador named Honey. She is 10yo and came into their Mum and Dad’s lives as a young puppy and their first ‘baby!’ She is a beautiful, loving and sweet natured girl as her name suggests. As a younger girl she was much more active but has now become a lot more quieter but still is a faithful and constant little soul always checking out what the family are up to. When Honey gets excited, she will still push her way through to greet everyone and adores meeting new friends. Miss Honey loves her toys and when she is excited, she will find one to ‘gift you!’ When the boys came along, Honey just cruised along with the changes and she ADORES her little brothers as much as they adore her and she can often be found laying on the rug in the boys’ rooms while they are reading. Like most Labradors, she LOVES her food and is always happy to have a treat or a snack. One of Honey’s favourite things are ‘tummy tickles’ and she will happily roll on to her back for these! Honey, you certainly are sweet as!

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