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Sneak Peeks of Owen

Adorable Owen is a 1yo black Labradoodle and is a real man about town who is extremely social with a large group of friends many of whom he has met through his Instagram page (owen_the_oodle) and being a member of the ‘Brisbane Oodle Group!’ He is a sweet and loving young man who is also a true and loyal little soul who adores being with his Mum as much as possible. Owen is a handsome young man who does know this and LOVES to pose for photographs and of course pats too! Owen came into his Mum’s life as a young puppy when Mum wanted a dog who could fit into her lifestyle but also be a true companion for her. Mum loves that Owen is always there and that his nature is solid and his presence is constant. Mum also adores Owen’s fun and playful side as this boy knows how to enjoy life and LOVES to play! He can run with the best of them and has a large group of playmates he meets up with often. Owen also loves his toys and balls and is happy to play on his own too! You are just oodles and oodles of fun, Owen!

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