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Sneak Peeks of Chibi and Noodle

Feline duo Chibi and Noodle are a couple of gorgeous tabby cats. At 9 months of age, Chibi is a black and white domestic short hair Tabby and Noodle is a black and silver domestic short hair Tabby. Chibi is what his Mum calls her ‘typical boy’ who is a proud alpha male who doesn’t just walk, he prowls! He is like a ‘Lion King’ and can often be found at the window, standing guard over ‘his kingdom’ and checking out what is happening. Chibi is an independent soul who isn’t shy or skittish and is a totally gorgeous looking young man – they think he knows this too! His looks were what Mum and Dad first noticed with him as they are truly unique with his white face. Chibi is not super cuddly but when in the mood, she loves attention and a good pat. He is calm and placid most of the time but loves a good play with his sister! Mum believes that Miss Noodle is definitely the epitome of the female cat! While sweet and affectionate, she can also be assertive when she wants you to acknowledge her presence! Every time she walks into a room, she ‘announces herself’ quite loudly and lets you know she is there! Noodle has trained her Mum and Dad well and her favourite game is to take her ‘baby mouse’ toy to Mum or Dad so they can all play fetch! Noodle adores cuddling up with her Mum and Dad and is without doubt the Princess of the family! With such royalty, these two are simply majestic!

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