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Sneak Peeks of Lentil

Gorgeous Lentil is a snuggly but mischievous young lady who adores playing and keeping her Mum and Dad on their toes! She is a 1yo black and brindle girl who may be a Whippet mix with her long and lanky legs! Lentil came into the family as an 8 week old ‘pound puppy’ who had been part of a litter dumped at a dog pound. Her Mum saw one of Lentil’s siblings on the Pet Rescue website and arranged to meet the pups and the rest is history! Lentil’s favourite things in the world (besides Mum and Dad) are STICKS and FOOD! Mum says that Lentil ‘wants to eat everything’ and even though she was so tiny when they adopted her, she had a great appetite! In Lentil’s life, sticks are the best toy EVER and she loves any play or games which are stick related. She will fetch, however, if the stick is seen to be a special one to her, she won’t play just in case Mum or Dad don’t give it back to her! Lentil also loves to meet new friends – people, dogs, cats – she isn’t fussy at all and is just a happy and loving girl!

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