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Sneak Peeks of Millie

Adorable Millie is her Mum’s first fur baby as an adult and she is completely lovable and lots of fun! She is a 1yo tri colour Border Collie who is adventurous and look for fun in any place she possibly can. Millie loves to play and she has lots of different toys but chooses ‘a toy a day’ from her toy basket. She has her own beautiful way of letting her Mum know she would love some play time by choosing the toy she wants to play with and pushes it into her Mum’s face letting her know it is time for fun! Millie loves outings to the park and especially the beach where she goes on play dates with her best friend in Kelpie, Jackson. While Millie is active, energetic and busy, she does have her moments of quiet where she adores cuddling up to her Mum. She is very special to her Mum’s heart and adores her loving, playful and mischievous nature.

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