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Sneak Peeks of Cleo and Texas

Sweet and loving Cleo is a 7 yo red and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier while her younger fur-sibling, Texas, is a 1 yo black and tan German Shepherd. Cleo was adopted when she was just a 12 month old puppy and has been an only ‘fur kid’ for several years until Texas joined the family a little under a year ago. Cleo was a little unhappy to begin with but they are now the best of friends and love to play together. Texas is a loving, happy and sometimes goofy boy who loves playing and adores going on outings to the park where his favourite pastime is following the neighbourhood kids to play with them! These two just melt your heart!
Beautiful German Shepherd and Staffordshire Terrier sitting together.Sweet Staffordshire Terrier on the move.Lovely German Shepherd laying on an ottoman.Adorable Staffordshire Terrier sitting quietly.Gorgeous German Shepherd playing with a ball.

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