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Sneak Peeks of Charlie

Beautiful angel, Charlie, is a 12yo Kelpie cross who is brindle with a greying face and floppy ears! Charlie is a gentle and loving soul who is the light of her Mum’s life. She can be obedient but a little stubborn at times when the mood takes her but overall she just wants to please her Mum! She also is very fond of her toys to the point where she loves tearing the eyes from her stuffed toys and rips the stuffing out – still very much a kid at heart! Charlie also has an independent streak which she uses quite often and prefers to do things under her own steam and at her own pace. To her Mum, she is the most beautiful girl in the world and one of her favourite things is when she talks to Charlie, her tail wags even more! She is also a bit of a ‘licky girl’ and adores giving kisses! If thumping her tail on the bed to wake her Mum up doesn’t work, a good morning kiss will certainly do the job! May your halo shine ever so bright, Charlie!
Gorgeous Kelpie cross staring at the camera.Beautiful Kelpie cross resting quietly.Sweet Kelpie cross smiling.Lovable Kelpie cross on the move.Adorable Kelpie cross laying down with her red blanket.

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