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Sneak Peeks of Moose

Mighty Moose is an 11yo Golden Retriever who is a gentle boy and ADORES food, cuddles and his family! He loves a good play with his toys but has an interesting little habit of playing rough and taking the heads off them! Although Moose loves his toys, he is more in love with humans and only plays when there is not a lot going on with his loved ones. He is an easygoing boy and lots of fun to take out for trips and adventures! Moose loves to go swimming and enjoys going to work with his Mum and hanging out with the staff. He loves to be around people and to get as many cuddles as he possibly can! There would definitely be no shortage of cuddles from our end, Moose!
Beautiful Golden Retriever laying down and relaxing.Close up of an adorable Golden Retriever.Sweet Golden Retriever staring at the camera.Lovable Golden Retriever playing with a toy.Gorgeous Golden Retriever laying on his back.

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