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Sneak Peeks of ErTong and Qitiao

These two gorgeous Shorthair Exotic cats may be small but they are packed with a sweet punch!
ErTong and Qitiao (pronounced Chetao) are 12 months young. ErTong is a little more reserved but has the most stunning golden eyes. It’s like looking through a golden ray of sunshine that glitters with a droplet of rain. Qitiao is very playful and loves to jump for all her toys. Whether it’s a dangling carrot toy or a toy mouse, Qitiao will pounce on to it quicker than you can say meow!
Their favourite treat is their vitamin paste and they will both happily lick up as many vitamins as possible, savouring the flavour of each little lick.
These gorgeous Exotics may be short haired, but they certainly don’t fall short in personality and charm. We love you both ErTong and Qitiao.
Gorgeous Exotic Shorthair cat relaxing.Beautiful Exotic Shorthair sitting pretty.Two Exotic Shorthair cats having some vitamins.Adorable Exotic Shorthair cat pawing.Sweet Exotic Shorthair cat staring.

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