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Sneak Peeks of Marlo and Atticus

There is absolutely no way you can resist the charms of these two feline cuties! Marlo is a 4yo Red and White Norwegian Forest Cat and Atticus is a 12-month White, Red and Black Siberian Forest Cat. Marlo is described as unique, loving, friendly and talkative. He has a lot to say and loves giving his mum ‘head bops.’ He has eyes of pure gold and is a very happy and content young man. He loves looking for mischief and enjoys a good play session.
Atticus shares the same birthday as his mum, so he was always meant to be her little one! He has beautiful green eyes and is a very sweet and loving young man. He has lots of kitten play and loves all his toys. He absolutely adores his mum and he has a gorgeous little high-pitched purr that he uses to talk to her instead of meowing! He will also come bounding over to her when she calls his name. Marlo and Atticus, you are definitely a couple of gorgeous kitties!
Sweet Norwegian Forest Cat looking up.Gorgeous Siberian Forest Cat relaxing.Cute Norwegian Forest Cat on his back.Adorable Siberian Forest Cat laying down.Beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat sitting upright.

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