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Sneak Peeks of Roger and Luna

This gorgeous duo are lovable Roger and Luna. Roger is a 4yo black Toy poodle and Luna is a 13-month-old black and tan German Shepherd. Roger was the baby of the family until Luna arrived last year. Roger is loving and caring, and he will mouth gently on his mum’s hand to let her know that he wants some attention. He can also be sensitive and loves to follow his parents around.
Luna is a playful, loyal and loving girl who is also very cute, and she loves nothing more than lots of play time with Roger and her mum and dad! What an adorable pair you are, Roger and Luna!
Side shot of German Shepherd and Toy Poodle.Gorgeous Toy Poodle staring at camera.Beautiful German Shepherd close up.Cute Toy Poodle on the move.Adorable German Shepherd on the move.

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