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Sneak Peeks of Bailey

Bailey is a beautiful 5 month old tri-colour Beagle. She is very smart and just loves to explore. Like all Beagles, she loves playing the ‘sniffing’ game and she is very good at it too! She has been called ‘A Dog of Opportunity’ as she will find small moments where she will slip outside to sniff around and enjoy her moments of external exploration and she is very good at this just when her mum and dad are about to come home! Bailey is currently attending puppy school and obedience training and is affectionate, well behaved and loving. Such a good girl, Bailey!
Gorgeous Beagle puppy licking peanut butter off his nose.Beautiful Beagle puppy sitting pretty.Lovable Beagle puppy playing with a ball.Adorable Beagle puppy playing with a toy rope.Cute Beagle puppy playing with a stuffed toy.

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