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Sneak Peeks of Bailey and Maui

This adorable duo are Bailey and Maui. Bailey is a beautiful 6yo black Labrador cross Kelpie and Maui is a gorgeous 2yo Golden Labrador. Bailey is very energetic and friendly and has more of a Labrador face than a Kelpie. He is a bit obsessive when it comes to chasing balls and he will do it repeatedly over and over again. He also loves to go down to the dog park where he can practice his high jumping skills. His favourite treat is carrots and he will do almost anything to get them!
Maui is a very attractive girl and she has the most beautiful eyes and nose. She will quite often try to steal Bailey’s ball off him and run off with it! Such a cheeky young lady, Maui! She will also play tug-o-war with Bailey. She is very affectionate with her mum and dad and loves to try and push the rules by sneakily snuggling on to their laps while they are on the couch.
Black Labrador cross Kelpie with a Golden Labrador.Gorgeous Black Labrador cross Kelpie staring at camera.Beautiful Golden Labrador playing with a tug toy.Lovely Black Labrador cross Kelpie playing with a ball.Adorable Golden Labrador playing with a ball.

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