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Sneak Peeks of Bella, Henry and Chaz

These three fur babies are the best buddies and love to keep their human family on their toes!
Bella is a gorgeous German Shepherd who loves entertaining herself with the ball and with her fur buddy Henry. Henry is a beautiful Cocker Spaniel who loves spending time being around Bella and Chaz but also loves nothing more than to jump on to the chair and look like ‘King Henry’ only so much more adorable and cute!
Chaz is a sweet Beagle who definitely knows how to sniff out the treats before they’re even out! He knew exactly where to go but was sure to give us a ‘paw of appreciation,’ for all of his treats!
Together these guys are a bonded trio!
Beautiful Beagle lifting his paw up.Sweet Cocker Spaniel sitting pretty.Adorable Beagle with a smile on his face.Gorgeous German Shepherd leaping for a ball.Cute Beagle playing with a ball.

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