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Sneak Peaks of Ziggy and Zac

What a pair of Super Star Siblings!  Hands up which one is Ziggy!!  Yes, sweet Ziggy (Border Collie x Cattle Dog) is the one with the way too cute high-five who is younger sister to “man of the house”, Zac (Cattle Dog x Rottweiler).  Zac is the very gentle, and strong silent type who doesn’t mind a wee relax.  How relaxed can you get Zac?  Even your teeth looked relaxed.  Haha!  Ziggy loves her toys and her gorgeous eyes and face sure let you know just what a happy gal she is.  Zac loves to give kisses, but with that appealing face, no doubt you receive more than you give.  High fives to BOTH of you!
fur-siblings female border collie cross and male cattle dog crossblack border collie cross with large yellow ball in mouthupside down smiling male cattle dog crosssmiling standing black male border collie crossstrolling black and tan male cattle dog cross

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