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Sneak Peeks of Portia and Phoebe

Sensational Staffy fur-sisters Portia (slighter older by 5 months) and Phoebe sure know how to steal the show.  Portia is the gal with the super smile and athletic leap who also loves her balls … rather obsessed rumour has it; she even knows when new ones have come into the house and which colour she wants!  Phoebe loves to go for walks, especially with her mum.  She’s considers herself mum’s bodyguard and even carries her own lead in her mouth.  And Phoebe doesn’t seem to care about fur-sister ranking …. she manages to sit on her big sister every day.  Phunny Phoebe!!  But where both these girls really shine is the unconditional love they reward their parents with – how lucky are mum and dad?
leaping staffordshire terrier girlgigantic smile and high five from blue female staffyblue staffy taking herself for a walk with lead in mouthhead tilting blue staffy girlstaffy fur-sisters with large balls in mouths

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