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Sneak Peeks of Milo and Coco

Just what one needs for that added bit of warmth ….. a wee dram of Milo and Coco!   These Boxer fur-siblings might not fit in a mug, but they sure love their “mama cuddles” which keeps everyone warm.  Older fur-bro Milo is a pretty chilled guy – a “big softy” rumour has it – who kinda likes to hang at home and catch up on some sleep.  That’s after he’s run a few laps with his favourite squeaky toys in his mouth!  Younger fur-sis Coco is her mum’s protector – a “little baby with a big attitude”.  This playful girl also loves her squeaky toys which she will squeak until she gets her mum’s attention.  Very cute!  Milo and Coco, you’ve no doubt warmed a few hearts too with those great big smiles!
boxer fur-siblings with tongues outbig smile face close up boxerred and white boxer sitting on ottomanred and white boxer playing with rope toysnoozing boxer head on floor

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