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Sneak Peeks of RooFeo and Nelson

Looks might be deceiving with this dynamic duo?  RooFeo is a “gentle giant” German Shepherd and older bro to “full of mischief” Nelson the Border Collie.  RooFeo is mister placid man of these two who loves people, especially his mum and dad of course, and his walks in the morning.  In fact hearing ‘WALK” is the one word that does get him going.  That and “eating” his tennis balls … is that what you are thinking of doing RooFeo?  Nelson is mister action man and always up to something. A spot of “gardening” …. OK, some may call it digging! …. spreading his toys all over the backyard, and/or finding a tasty stick to chew on … to name a few.  No wonder you look so pleased with yourself, Nelson – fab high five right back at ya!
fur-bros german shepherd and border colliehead tilting german shepherd with tennis ballchocolate and white male border collie with big stickrelaxed smiling german shepherd boyhuge high fiving chocolate and white male border collie

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