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Sneak Peeks of Livvy

Well, what’s not to ‘lovey’ about Livvy, a “snuggling and cuddling” kind of Cattle Dog cross Border Collie gal.  And no points for guessing who her …. and/or perhaps her dad’s? …. favourite rugby league team is.  This gorgeous girl’s eyes and ears let you know exactly what’s on her mind, which a lot of the time means snuggles with her mum and dad.  Of course there’s always time in between to take a “specky” leap after one of her toys (did you learn that watching the Cowboys, Livvy?).  Oh, and perhaps destroying the odd toy or two?  This might be the last sighting of your pink toy, eh Livvy?  You are a gorgeous young girl, Livvy, and thank you for the beautiful smiles!
sitting pretty young girl cattle dog cross border colliecattle dog cross in cowboys scarf and jacketleaping for a green ball border collie collie cross cattle dogon the prowl black and white cattle dog crossyoung black and white cattle dogs cross with pink toy in mouth


  1. Solange on 21/06/2018 at 3:46 PM

    Oh my Livvy-girl, you are such a little poser and so beautiful. Thanks so much to Ken. I was a fan-girl before but I’m a crazy fan-girl now. 🙂

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