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Sneak Peeks of Teeko, Huli, Lucky, Meeko and Mew

Introducing the Fab Five Fur Family!  Smiling Teeko (Husky) is younger fur-bro to sweet Huli (Pomeranian) whilst litter mates, Lucky (orange, brown and white), Meeko (black and white) and Mew (grey and white) are the babies of the family at only 6 months old.  Teeko can be a talkative boy, but is always very calm …. and he loves his human, doggy and feline family members.  Huli is very much a “people person” … oops, “people dogson” …. preferring them to his fur family.  Great smile too, Huli!  Lucky is the leader of the “cat pack” and loves snuggle time with mum.  Meeko is the cheeky one, but also the most affectionate of the three.  Mew …. well, she is the “little Princess”.  Very chilled out gal who seems to know how pretty she is.  We agree, Mew!  In fact, one simply gorgeous fur family!
happy husky boy with big  smilecheeky pomeranian boy poking tongue outstepping out brown and white domestic short hair male catcross eyed black and white domestic short hair catsitting pretty grey and white domestic long hair female cat

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