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Sneak Peeks of Gary

What a star we have here in young Gary, the Golden Retriever cross.  This boy is absolutely gorgeous and have you ever seen such a super sit in a chair?  It’s like Gary is especially showing off his beautiful big bushy tail that his mum and dad have aptly nicknamed “a feather duster”.  Haha!!  It’s easy to see why Gary’s been described as having a big personality, is great with people, loves children, grins when he’s happy, loves to play with balls, and is loved by everyone.  Looks like the only thing not safe around Gary is a stuffed toy (yes, Gary, the stuffing hanging out of your mouth is a bit of a giveaway!).  Have to agree with your parents, Gary, seems like they did win the lottery when you joined their home.  Beautiful nature and beautiful to look at!
golden retriever cross sitting on bottom in chairdancing male golden retriever cross with stuffed chicken in mouthyoung golden retriever cross destroying soft toyyoung golden retriever cross on back with legs in the airgolden retriever cross chewing a colourful toy

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