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Sneak Peeks of Yogi

Make no “boo boo” about this Yogi who, as you can see, is a real character.  Yogi is a German Shepherd who is his “dad’s baby” …. though mum is pretty smitten as well!   This adorable boy is a “man of many faces” and what a brilliant “high five” to match that big smile.  Reckon that will get you what you want every time, Yogi!  Yogi also keeps his parents amused with his antics at home, like tripping over his own paws and tripping over chairs.  Funny boy!  And don’t worry about that cushion, Yogi just like to suck on his “soft toys”.   Awww!  Yogi, you are too cute … fun, fab, and a fine looking fellow!
goofy look from german shepherd boymale german shepherd sitting head tiltsuper high five from german shepherd boyroaming black and tan german shepherd boygerman shepherd boy chewing yellow cushion

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