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Sneak Peeks of Duke and Holly

Big smiles right back at ‘Delightful’ Duke, the black and white Maltese Shih Tzu cross and his pal, ‘Happy’ Holly.  These two adorable fluffy munchkins sure know how to light up a room with those happy faces.  Duke is 12yo, but still very much looks like a “young’un” … and check out that ball action!  Go Duke!  When this little fella isn’t playing with balls and squeaky toys, or going for car rides and beach runs, Duke loves his “couch snuggles” with his mama and protecting her.  What a cool dude you are, Duke ….. and absolutely star along with Holly.
fluffy eared happy maltese shih tzu cross boyhappy smile from black maltese cross girlsmall maltese cross with large tennis ballfluffy maltese shih tzu corss black and white soulful face close up maltese cross girl

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