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Sneak Peeks of Mally and Skyla

Wow!  How about this super special pair of Border Collies?  Marvellous Mally (wheaten and white) is big-bro to fur-sis Super Skyla (chocolate and white).  Mally is full of energy and always on the go.  And see that soccer ball?  He will hit that back to his mum and dad with his nose.  Hmmm ….. maybe it’s not too late to get you over to Russia for the World Cup next week, Mally?  Australia might need you!  Skyla is the more “snuggly” of the two, but when out and about, loves to hold something in her mouth (don’t ask about the “stolen ball at the beach” incident – haha!).  Mally, gotta love that “ready for action” look and your cheeky smile, Skyla.  And together?  A pair of pawfect pooches!
chocolate and white border collie fur silbings sitting closeleaping border collie boy  with big blue balllooking upwards chocolate and white border collie girleager lean from wheaten and white border collie boyhead tilting girl border collie with stickwheaten and white border collie girl with large toy in mouth

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