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Sneak Peeks of Ramsay

Get ready – here comes your fix of fun, flair and fab all in one hit!  Young Ramsay is a Beagle cross King Charles Cavalier and what a dude this guy is.  Ramsay’s mum and dad say he’s super, super playful.  Really?  Who would have guessed!  Haha!  Apparently he even tires out all the other dogs at doggy day care.  That is one spectacular leap too, Ramsay!  Underneath all the play there is also a very affectionate cuddle boy ….. you have only to look at his sweet smile to see that.  Ramsay, we agree with you ….. you’ve got the “pawfect pooch” category licked!
ears flapping beagle cross male catching red ballking charles cavalier cross  beagle with mouth full of ropeflying in air beagle cross cavalier catching red ball in mouthsmiling young beagle cavvy cross malebig tongue out tri colour male beagle king charles cavvy crosshead tiltiing beagle cross with ball between paws

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