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Sneak Peeks of Molly

Woo hoo ….. what a leap, Molly!  This sweet little Jack Russell has got some moves that would make Superwoman turn green.  Flying, begging, leaping ….. what a repertoire Molly.  And when not outclassing super heroes, Molly loves her walks with her “mama” and lives for their beach trips …. any drives in the car really.   And who could resist that big smile and adorable face when you get the car keys out?  Probably most favourite of all is snuggles with her mama.  Molly, you have a very lucky mama and you are a Super Girl!
female jack russell sitting on haunchesfemale jack russell begging on hind legshappy smile from brown and white girl jack russellfemale jack russell standing to attentionairborne female jack russell

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